09 MAR 2018

Michel William is an artist who breathes music. The instruments are his best friends, and this Mozambican cannot imagine living without them. About a year ago, Michel made a crucial decision for his future: making this dream come true and recording his first album of originals.

After analysing all the options, crowdfunding was the one that seemed most valuable. The choice was entirely correct since, with 138 supporters and more and 5 thousand euros raised, the campaign of this artist was a tremendous success.

We talked to him to understand the strategies used behind the campaign, the use of Facebook as the main channel of communication and the spread of crowdfunding in the concerts, contributed a lot to the final result.

“What worked the best was Facebook because we followed your recommendations from the PPL Academy.


There was a great concern to use as many channels as possible. Both offline, concerts and participation in television programs such as online, social networks (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and email marketing (use of Newsletters).

Facebook was the most important channel, so the goal was to empower it according to the recommendations of the PPL Academy and send direct messages to supporters and potential supporters at various times in the campaign (beginning, middle and end).

The offline side also garnered several supporters, as Michel used his concerts to promote the project in the middle of the audience, which turned out to be a sure shot.

There is also another significant point to point out, all the friends, acquaintances and relatives of the artist, who where responsible for much of the funding.


The big challenge was to synchronise the rhythm of the concerts with all the daily issues of the campaign, responsible for keeping it alive, such as prompt response to supporters’ contacts, or the constant sending of messages. The relationship with the TVs was a two-sided coin because if on the one hand, they paid no attention to the project during much of the campaign, at the end (when success had already risen several levels) decided to focus attention on Michel.

What never failed was the joining of people to the project during the concerts, demonstrating that personal contact is an irreplaceable factor for success.


As Michel is still an artist unknown to the general public, the video was very important to break this novelty barrier and help take his music along with new paths. Facebook and WhatsApp were the main promoters of all their visual content.

The rewards were based on the pre-sale of the album, however, there was an attempt to go further and give supporters the chance to get unique experiences, like going backstage to a concert.


It was crucial to follow our advice and to study previous campaigns that were successful, in this way the artist realised that the last week and the final hours of the project have extreme importance.

Michel chose to do a crowdfunding workshop before starting the project, which gave him a much more significant behind-the-scenes knowledge that if he started this adventure without any experience with the concept.

The choice of the date of the campaign was something that the singer would have changed since August is much less dynamic than other times of the year.

It was with great satisfaction that we saw this international artist of extreme potential achieving success with his campaign. Now it’s to wait for the next albums and to watch theatres all over the country.

Thanks, Michel William for another case of booming success on PPL!